Toyota LandCruiser 200: Video

By: Michael Browning, Photography by: Nathan Duff

A top van needs a tough tow vehicle and the LandCruiser 200 is hands-down the best in Oz. When setting up your own ultimate touring rig, here are some essential bolt-on accessories.

A top van needs a tough tow vehicle and at Caravan World we are fortunate in being able to choose the perfect. After selecting the New Age Oz Classic 20 Series as an ideal caravan in which to spend quality time touring, we set about looking at the ideal vehicle to hang it on.

Toyota Landcruiser 200

We put in a call to Chris Goddard, managing director of Vehicle Components, Qld, which as well as producing the popular Hitchmaster DO-35 offroad towing hitch is possibly Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of independent suspension systems to the caravan industry. In other words, these guys know a lot about towing!

As part of the rigorous testing of the components they manufacture in Geebung, Vehicle Components conducts regular RAT (Remote Area Testing) Runs, which involve hauling loaded trailers equipped with various measuring instruments many thousands of kilometres over some of Australia’s worst roads. And the tow vehicle chosen to carry out this task is a current model Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series.

Toyota Landcruiser 200 Towing

It’s not a totally off-the-shelf job, but the way Chris and his team have specced and equipped it, it makes it a blueprint for what we consider to be the ultimate tow tug.

Watch the video to find out what the Vehicle Components guys have done.