Tow Test: BF Falcon XT Wagon MKIII

Philip Lord on Ford's workhorse

"The Falcon wagon is a good towing platform for light to medium caravans, with ample performance, acceptable economy for a large-displacement petrol engine, and a spacious, comfortable interior," wrote
Philip Lord in his review.

"The Falcon has an independent coil-spring upper and lower arm front suspension and live-axle, leaf-spring rear… It’s a surprisingly accomplished ride (if a little soft and wallowy at the front) that will blot out all but the sharpest of bumps, steering with responsive turn-in, good weighting and feel, and with a traction and stability-control system that – even though a bit late to engage – delivers the safety net that almost all of the rigid rear-axle leaf-spring utes lack."

the full test
in the October edition of Caravan World with Motorhome World magazine, on sale September 2, 2009.