Hit the road with Roadstar GT Sport Cross-Country

By: David Gilchrist, Photography by: David Gilchrist

This caravan is a good choice for those who does extended touring on or offroad.

Roadstar -GT-Sport -Cross -Country

The Roadstar GT Sport Cross-Country is handsome enough with all the presence and personality you’d expect from an offroad van. As the name promises, it has a striking GT strip dipping off the roof and on to the front and back, along with jaunty red and blue strips along the sides. That means it’s got the goods in the looks department.

The van rolled along the Bruce Highway and Hinterland Road atop its 150mm SupaGal chassis  on AL-KO Enduro Outback offroad suspension. That meant a combo that boasted a sturdy chassis with well-protected members, as the RHS sections are galvanised on both the external and internal surfaces.

The advantage of the aluminium composite material for manufacturers is its formability, exceptional flatness and reusability. The upside for caravanners is the wall panel’s durability.

Roadstar -GT-Sport -Cross -Country -2

My first impressions of the inside were that of a tried-and-tested  layout featuring well-built and elegant furniture. The fact that none of the furniture is chipboard is great, and likely to bring a smile to the face of anyone who’s seen the result of moisture damage on chipboard furniture.

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