Chassis Recall

Caravan owners have been put on alert after the ACCC recalled a Turisi Enterprises G&S chassis that has a Control Rider TS Suspension system.

Chassis Recall
Control Rider TS

The ACCC says anyone who has a caravan built with a chassis manufactured between May 2015 and June 2016, or who has a chassis that has been manufactured by G&S Chassis that has a Control Rider TS Suspension System, should immediately stop using their caravan.

There is a risk of insufficient weld penetration and/or overgrinding of the weld on the suspension trailing arm elbow, which has resulted in reduced material thickness. The suspension arm may break causing the chassis to become unstable, potentially becoming a hazard to other road users.

Caravan owners can find the chassis number and manufacture date in the G&S Chassis Warranty and Service Handbook, or by going to for instructions on how to check the chassis.

If in doubt, owners should contact G&S Chassis on 03 9357 0227 or email, and quote G&S Technical Service Inspection No 17-01.

G&S Chassis will put affected consumers in touch with an approved repair agent to undertake an inspection and any repairs.