Green RV reaches 40,000 with online cooking show

By: Laura Gray, Photography by: Malcolm Street

Caravan dealership Green RV has launched an online cooking program to engage with owners and prospective buyers, with its first episode reaching nearly 40,000 viewers on Facebook.

Green RV reaches 40,000 with online cooking show
A NextGen X caravan by Green RV.

Green RV, which sells its own NextGen brand of caravans, as well as Regent caravans, launched its Friday RV Cooking show online in March.

The first episode was shot inside a NextGen Greyline caravan with chef Mick Capelli at the Scarborough Holiday Park, Qld.

The second episode of Friday RV Cooking went live in early March and has been viewed by 35,000 viewers. 

The idea for the cooking show was pioneered by Green RV chief executive Jack Green, 26, who wanted to reach the growing number of younger caravan buyers.

"The cooking series features our caravans in various locations across the state, inspiring people to realise caravanning is an achievable and enjoyable experience," he said.

"Young families and couples are highly engaged online - and with endless resources and information available, they know exactly what value to expect for their money," he said.

"They don’t just read a book and roll in like they did 20 years ago."

Mr Green said the younger market was his company's biggest growth opportunity and he wanted to feature his caravans in a modern and human way.


Gren RV started out as a car yard in Gympie in 1998 and began selling caravans in 2010. It now has four dealerships across Queensland and Victoria, in Brisbane, Gympie, Melbourne and Windsor.