First-ever Slovenian motorhome hits Australian shores

By: Malcolm Street, Photography by: Malcolm Street

The Adria Coral A660DU is the first Slovenian-built motorhome to arrive in Australia.

Adria caravans have been imported into Australia for several years, via several importers, but no motorhomes before now.

The Apollo Group imported the Coral A660DU, a six-berth C-class family motorhome, in a bid to introduce the Adria motorhomes to a local audience.

Adria _Coral (3)

The Fiat Ducato Multijet180-powered motorhome has the higher-powered 132kW/400Nm turbodiesel engine, a GVM of 4400kg, so it can be driven on a standard car licence, a Tare of 3500kg and a good load capacity of 900kg.

The Coral also has rear airbag suspension, something usually only found on the most high-end motorhomes. With a price tag of $134,890 (on-road, Qld), this motorhome sits at the more affordable end of the market.

Electrics are fairly standard, including a 100Ah deep cycle battery and a 25A mains charger. Solar panels are an option but unless you're planning long stays away from mains power, they're not a total necessity. 

The six berths come from a convertible club lounge in the rear, convertible offside dinette and a bed over the driver's cab in the Luton peak.

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