Kimberley Kampers to debut new Chinese camper

By: Caravan World, Photography by: Kimberley Kampers

Set against the ‘Silk Road’ dunes, Kimberley Kampers will reveal the first of its production model vans made for Chinese holidaymakers at the Alxa Desert Rally in October 7 this year.

Kimberley Kampers to debut new Chinese camper
Kimberley Kampers will return the Alxa Desert Rally with a production van approved for China's roads.

All the running gear for the new caravan has been designed and built in Ballina, NSW, with assembly and fitout occurring in a Chinese facility partially financed by Kimberley Kampers, cementing long-standing ties.

The new caravan will be less than 6m long, ‘winterised’, and compliant with strict new Chinese legislation governing the manufacture of RVs set for China’s roads.

Although China is predominantly a motorhome-driven market, Bruce Loxton managing director for Kimberley Kampers says the new Kimberley Kruisers allow Chinese campers to travel as an extended family, with comfortable mobile accommodation suitable for two or more sets of elderly parents. 

Already, six units have been sold.

"Camping in China is very common. The Chinese like to camp in two-man tents but enjoy common eating facilities. An external kitchen is very important; they really like pitch in together and cook up a storm in a similar fashion to many of our customers over here [in Australia]," Mr Loxton said.