Vehicle Components launches offroad Cruisemaster suspension

By: Caravan World, Photography by: Vehicle Components

Queensland’s Vehicle Components has launched a new, fully-offroad version of its popular Cruisemaster independent suspension system.

Vehicle Components launches offroad Cruisemaster suspension
ATX is the heaviest-duty suspension in the Cruisemaster range.

Cruisemaster ATX is the toughest suspension in the Cruisemaster range and is suitable for offroad caravans and camper trailers and their owners who like to travel in the roughest and most rugged terrains.

ATX has an increased load capacity over all other Cruisemaster models - up to 2800kg ATM (single-axle) and 4500kg (tandem-axle), plus higher ground clearance, an innovative single arm design and interchangeable coil or air spring, depending on your driving style and the terrain.

It also has 46mm monotube with piggyback reservoir shock absorbers which utilise offroad racing technology and lockable toe and camber adjustment.

The 63mm stub axle with Vehicle Components’ bearings improves safety offroad and the whole system offers 144mm of vertical wheel travel, compared to 100mm on Cruisemaster CRS and 130mm on the XT Coil and XT Air range.