Vanners urged to ensure stoneguards are compliant

By: Caravan World, Photography by: Nathan Jacobs

Caravanners who retrofit stoneguards to their vans, and even those who buy vans with stoneguards already fitted, are being encouraged to ensure the stoneguard is compliant.

Vanners urged to ensure stoneguards are compliant
This stoneguard is compliant, as the reflectors can be clearly seen.

The Caravan Industry Association of Victoria (CIAV) has issued a warning that stoneguards could be non-compliant if they block visibility of the van’s front reflectors.

Caravans and camper trailers are required, by the Vehicle Standards Bulletin 1 (VSB1), to have two white or colourless, non-triangular retro-reflectors fitted at the front – one on each side.

The reflectors must not be more than 150mm from the outer edge of the vehicle (including the awning), must be facing forward, and must not be more than 900mm from the ground. However, that height limit may be increased to 1500mm if the structure makes it impractical to keep within 900mm.

In order to keep within the regulations, van owners are advised to place the reflectors on the stoneguard itself, if that meets the criteria, or to place them on the van body above the stoneguard but not higher than 1500mm off the ground.