Bailey Caravans releases new Rangefinder for Australian conditions

Photography by: Nathan Jacobs

The release of the Bailey Rangefinder sees a UK caravan company building a brand new van specifically for the unique Australian outback.

Until October this year, Bailey Caravans were fully imported from Bristol in the UK, where their parent company has been building them for more than 65 years. While there’s no doubting the quality of the vans, their designs have never been perfectly suited to the unique Australian landscape.

Enter the all new Bailey Rangefinder: a strong and lightweight Australian built caravan made exclusively for Australian conditions. However, rather than just talking the talk, Bailey Australia Managing Director Adrian Van Geelen is walking the walk, putting his two new models – the Nebula and the Gemini – to the ultimate test by subjecting them to the unique West2 East challenge.

This epic journey stretches the length of the country, and will see the two vans towed from Denim in Western Australia to Byron Bay in New South Wales. This is a mammoth effort, and will require the team to cover more than 8000km over 14 days to ensure this made-for-Australia caravan can deal with the harshest Australian conditions.

You can’t replace real on road testing after all, and this challenge will reveal if the new Rangefinders truly have the right stuff for true blue Aussie adventurers.