Swingin' 60s: win this van!

By: Amy Middleton, Photography by: Amy Middleton

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We just launched our most psychedelic prize yet... and it could be yours!

Swingin' 60s: win this van!
Swingin' 60s: win this van!
THERE WERE SOME interesting looks thrown our way this week when Team Caravan World headed down to Rosebud, Vic, to celebrate our massive new caravan giveaway.

Locals and fellow RVers were always going to find our latest acquisition fascinating: the immaculate, nostalgic wonder that is Betsy, a 1968 Roma caravan with a stripe of blue and a heart of gold. But just to enhance the spectacle, we grown-ups donned 1960s costumes, lugged surfboards and vintage bicycles, nibbled on cocktail onions and raised our champagne flutes to an era gone by.

Add three vintage tow vehicles and an Indian motorcycle to the mix, and you have one very happy team of caravan enthusiasts. And a whole lot of rubber-necking.

As you'll discover in next month's issue of Caravan World, Betsy is a true beauty. She has charisma, she embodies the spirit of the '60s... and she could be yours.

Stay tuned, there's more to follow!

WORDS AND PICS Amy Middleton