From the road: Exciting new toy for RV summer cooking

By: Amy Middleton, Photography by: Connie Ogan

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Amy Middleton heads to the beach to test a new unit that will reinvent the BBQ for caravanners.

From the road: Exciting new toy for RV summer cooking
From the road: exciting new toy for RV summer cooking
THIS WEEK, I LOADED a photographer, a cook extraordinaire and a twitchy Staffordshire Terrier into the Jeep and headed down the Mornington Peninsula for a product test.

We stopped in to say g’day at Flinders Holiday Park, cruised down to the quaint village supermarket for supplies and then headed to the beach for our test. Once our new toy was set up we kicked the footy, ran the dog and looked on as chef Mark Egan unleashed his culinary flair on the product in question.

The unit is set to be a summer favourite for RVers, but we can’t give away too much just yet – you’ll see the full review in the next issue of Caravan World. Just quietly, though, one of these little beauties will be up for grabs just in time for the warmest weeks of the summer cooking season!

Getting outdoors wherever possible is a priority for the CW team, and we're always excited to see a new product on the market that caters for caravan owners. Suffice to say a few heads were turned as we rolled up the coast with our new toy hitched to the back of the 4WD…

Intrigued? Stay tuned in coming weeks as we give readers a chance to win this tasty prize. The new issue is on sale December 8, and sign up to our newsletter to get first word of the competition.

Amy Middleton, Caravan World’s online editor, keeps an eye on the RV web world so you don’t miss a beat.