Pretty Jane makes her debut

Ship wreck thought to be Pretty Jane, on the shores of Loch Sport
Location of the found wreck

Maritime history is made as Park Rangers discover the remains of a 127-year old shipwreck on the shores of Loch Sport, Ninety Mile Beach, Vic

Pretty Jane makes her debut
Pretty Jane makes debut

Parks Victoria Rangers at Vic’s Ninety Mile Beach recently spotted a shipwreck emerging from Loch Sport’s shores.

Shifting sands have revealed the frames and a boiler of a 127-year old wreck, thought to be Scottish-built, iron steamer Pretty Jane. The rangers, who stumbled upon it last month, are said to be the first to report seeing it since the ship’s demise.

According to Victorian Planning Minister Justin Madden the location, dimensions and construction of the remnants point to the reappearance of the ill-fated coastal trader Pretty Jane.

"The Pretty Jane was travelling from Bairnsdale to Melbourne when it collided with the Magnolia and struck the sand bar at Lakes Entrance," Mr Madden said.

"It continued to Melbourne for repairs but began to sink just off the Ninety Mile Beach. All on board were saved but the Pretty Jane broke up and was never seen again. The natural sand movement of the beach has revealed this missing link in our maritime heritage."

Mr Madden said that 700 historic shipwrecks have been reported in Vic waters with only about 30 per cent of those have been found and surveyed.

"Although this is a wonderful opportunity for Victorians to see maritime heritage up close, beachgoers should remember that it is an offence to damage historic shipwrecks, and that includes removing items from the wreck."