Are we just unlucky?

We bought our lovely Stradbroke Caravan in 2010. We had a few great travels here and there and in September 2012 we set off for Northern Queensland.
Halfway there, our neighbour rang to say we had an attemped break in. Back home, we went to sell house, got everything ready, put the house on the market, and set off again.

Two days into the trip we went on an eco cruise. We were halfway round the bay, watching dolphins with 30 people onboard, when the captain decided to put his foot down, shooting the
boat in the air and crashing it down. The result? My husband got two broken vetebrae while I copped a severed tendon.

So dare we set off again when we get better?

so many people have asked "were you meant to go"?

Our answer? UBETCHA! As soon as ever we can!