Subaru XV towing performance

I was wondering if anyone’s used the Subaru XV 2-litre petrol CVT automatic (released in March this year) as a tow vehicle? I would appreciate any feedback about the performance of the vehicle under tow, such as stability, fuel use, overall performance, etc.

I own such a vehicle and am considering towing my Coromal 454 PopTop caravan. I was advised by Subaru Australia that the maximum tow weight for the vehicle is 1400kg. My caravan weighs around 1250kg laden. Recently on a trip to Adelaide I passed a Subaru XV towing a Jayco camper trailer. The only thing I noticed when passing the vehicle under tow was that it was sitting-up a little at the front due to tow ball weight of the camper trailer.

Perhaps, weight distribution bars would solve this problem?

Any comments would be most welcome.

Steve Bartlett, NSW