Price Hikes around Gladstone

I don't know how others can afford it but we are paying $240 a week to stay in a caravan park in Boyne island and we can't use our toilet as they have no dump point can't use our twin tub washing machine either. I have solar power so I only require power for TV and microwave and need water.We can stay at the Tannum Sands Van park but it's $280 plus another $20 per wk to use our twin tub.I know that the boom is happening here and everyone is cashing in on the action but come on I have my own house on wheels only need water and a small amount of power. Two years ago I charged $360 a wk for a 3 bedroom house in Boyne Island.So when all the construction work for the CSG is finished and things slacken off and prices come down does that mean we have been ripped off in the mean time?

David Camilleri, Qld