Caravan shopping - Totally confused

We have been looking for a caravan for a while and are totally confused as to which one to buy. We would like a family van with triple bunks, seperate toilet/ shower and something to handle the rough roads.( Not an expanda) It has to be simple and practical to suit the needs of a family travelling long periods. eg big fridge, full oven, a table to fit five etc. I think a tare of 2100-2300kg and length 21-24ft. Trying to find a good used family van with all the above is hard so we are happy to buy new if needed. The pricing variation is also confusing. Some vans quality of build is also ?? and i find so called off road vans have exposed pipes wiring etc. Also any info on travelling with children and home schooling would be great as we would like our children to enjoy travelling with us but are worried about schooling. We currently have a Pajero with 3 tonne towing but are looking for a diesel 200 series. I would appreciate any feedback to help us out. Many thanks

Richard, NSW