Camping etiquette

Do you think it's time to put the "unwritten" camping rules into writing? Reason why I ask is we just had a very unpleasant stay in a caravan park on the weekend. The park it self was fine but the group of people we were put next to had no idea.(4 x middle age couples with kids) In the first hour their teenage children cut through our site between the car and caravan (ie under our awning)on several occasions until I chatted them. That night at 9.45pm they decided to have a party with a very loud music. It was 11.30pm when someone finally told them to be quiet. Then at 12.30am they decided to tip all their empty beer and wine bottles in the bin! Look I know how to party and I'm not a prude but after a busy week all I wanted was a quite weekend with my husband and 8 year old by the beach, which I didn't get.

Jodie, WA

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