Discussion: Pathfinder load levellers

In this months CW Issue 495 there is a question for the Tow Pro on the Nissan Pathfinder. When I purchased my TD R51 Pathfinder (2006) I told the Nissan dealer I would be towing a 2.5T van with load levellers, the dealer put on the Nissan tow bar. After towing the van for about 5000k's a notice came out from Nissan saying that if load levellers were used there was a chance that the bolts holding the tow bar would shear, and I have since heard of some cases of this happening. I contacted the dealer and also Nissan at the time, and found out that that the only tow bar you could use to tow a van using load levellers was a Hayman Reece bar, as it is the only bar with a properly designed vehicle mounting system. So after a fight with the dealer and Nissan, the Dealer agreed to pay for the HR bar, but I had to pay for the removal of the Nissan tow bar and fitting of the haymen Reece bar. At the same time I decided to give my Pathfinder a decent suspension towing package, so fitted King springs with Polyairs and Bilstein shocks. I have towed my van for about 50,000k's with this very successful setup, with no problems at all.

Kim, Qld