Tow Pro: What Van to buy?

Im looking at buying my 1st van a used one to start with for two adults. I have a Holden Commodore 2003 Berlina which has a 1200 KG tow bar fitted.(was fitted when new by previous owner).with a 120KG ball weight Can you sugest what sort of van i should look at?Am looking at something around 2000-may be 2004 vintage,single axle.

My budget is around $25000 may be a little higher but under 30G I did go to one van yard first thing he asked what do you drive/2nd question was does it have a tow bar when i told him it has a 1200 kg bar he told me to go fit a 1600Kg bar as for the bar that i have on the car.If i was to get a 1600 kg bar do i get a Holden one or a hayman reese bar? Are over ride brakes ok or is the electrical brake system the way to go?

I do have two vans in mind but have not looked at them yet One Van is a COROMAL EXCEL 505 with air con, the other one is a GOLDEN EAGLE 2005,with no air con There is one other one but its a tamden axle 2003 MODEL, with air con cheers

Michael, NSW