Tow Pro: Dual Cam Sway Controllers

On my previous van, 2008 Concept Ascot XLS I had dual cam sway controllers fitted as a part of the Haymen Reece WDH system. These were very good and I never experienced any form of sway. The one disadvantage was that the bars were low and often scraped over humps. I kept the sway controllers when I purchased our new van, 2011 Olymplic Riverina Classic. On our recent trip to Qld, I travelled the Logan Motor Way and passed two B Doubles at about 90kmph. As I passed the last truck my van started to sway badly. I managed to pull out of the sway and drove on. Is it a good idea to refit these sway control bars, despite the possibility of scraping and wearing out parts and cutting and rewelding the strengthening bars beneathe the van draw bar?

Richard, ACT