Discussion: Help! weight problem in van

Hi, I recently took delivery of my new van manufactured by a well known Victorian-based manufacturer. It's a 20 ft (internal) centre door van with a traditional layout of front bed, centre kitchen and full width rear ensuite. While I expected the tare weight to be about the figure on the compliance plate (2260 kgs), I was appalled to find that the ball weight is an advised 300kgs. On our first trip, I loaded the van as I always have with tanks about half full and put the rig over the weighbridge. There was 400 kgs on the towball. I went home, filled the water tanks completely, removed a couple of zero gravity chairs in the tunnel and replaced them with lighter ones, moved a couple of shade cloth awning sides to the shower and generally reduced the weight on the ball to the maximum extent I could. I should also add that apart from the two batteries in the boot, there was nothing extraordinarily heavy, there was nothing under the bed and the tunnel was by no means full and anyway, contained only relatively light items. Nevertheless, on reweighing the van, it still had 360 kgs on the ball. It seems that I can't legally tow the van with my Landcruiser (76 series) and additionally, the weight on the ball exceeds the limits imposed by Hayman Reece for its 750 lb WDH that I use. For a number of reasons concerning the ethics and integrity of the dealer from whom I purchased the van, I will not be returning to them. Can you suggest please how I should go about resolving this matter?

Jeff, Qld