Photography by: SUSAN & KEITH HALL

Do you love vintage caravans? Check out photos of retro caravans lovingly restored by Caravan World readers featured in Readers' Rigs.

At Caravan World we bring you reviews of the newest caravan models from the biggest brands in the industry, but we also recognise that old doesn't necessary mean bad, especially when it comes to retro caravans. In our monthly Readers' Rigs feature Caravan World contributors Susan and Keith Hall meet the proud owners of vintage caravans and discover how they've restored their retro rigs to former glory. Understandably a classic caravan can quickly become an owner's pride and joy, especially when combined with a passion for vintage interiors. Looking at the 1950s and 1960s caravans below isa real blast from the past, as time and effort has beeen dedicated to match original accessories and finishes.

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1. Vintage 1950s Rowvan caravan owned by Ray and Barbara Jones

1950s Vintage Rowvan Caravan

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2. Vintage 1956 Supalite caravan owned by Glenn Redman

519 1956 Supalite Caravan

3. Vintage 1959 Sportline caravan owned by Steve Williams

517 1959 Sportline Caravan

4. Vintage Jurgens caravan owned by Jeff and Ana Thomas

516 Jurgens Caravan

5. Vintage 1979 Viscount Supreme caravan owned by Brendan and Stacey O’Dempsey

518 1979 Viscount Supreme

6. Vintage 1959 Sunliner caravan owned by Ian Taylor

Retro -1959-sunliner -caravan -kitchen

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7. Vintage 1950s Deejay caravan owned by Dennis and Sue Watts

1950s -deejay -caravan -decal

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8. Vintage 1968 Roadmaster Luxury Liner owned by Mark and Tracey Jones

522 1968 Roadmaster Luxury Liner

9. Vintage 1956 caravan owned by Diane Harrison

521 1956 Vintage Caravan

10. Vintage 1965 Globetrotter caravan owned by Graham Bailey and Jenette Black

520 1965 Globetrotter

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