Want to buy a caravan that will thrive offroad? We've nominated 12 of the best offroad caravans for your next trip into the bush.

Here at Caravan World we have tried and tested our fair share of offroad caravans and ventured into some pretty tough terrain over the years.

In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about what marks a good offroad caravan from a great offroad caravan, and we hope you agree.

So many caravans these days are branded with the label 'offroad', but what is it that we really require of our van if we want to head bush? It's certainly not luxury mattresses or stainless steel kitchen appliances, although neither would hurt.

A strong chassis, decent tyres and stone protection are just a few of the items we look at, and the 12 offroad caravans we've selected in the list below tick all of the above boxes and plenty more besides.

Before you consider buying an offroad caravan, read these reviews of our top picks to help you decide.

We've also put together our top offroad caravan releases of 2015which were featured in CW’s 2015 Best Aussie Vans competition, and impressed our judges with their tough underpinnings, offroad nous and ultimate ‘bush-ability’.

Caravan World's top 12 off road RVs

New -age -commando

  1. New Age Commando 20 Series

New Age Caravans makes no bones about the Commando 20 Series’ offroad prowess.

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  2. SLR 1900 Premium Offroad

This 19-footer combines luxury and the ability to free camp for extended periods.

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Otron -Signature -Series

  3. Otron Signature Series 3

Series 3 is made with no distinction between offroad and on-road construction.

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Kimberley -Platinum -Series

  4. Trakmaster Kimberley Platinum Series

If you’re in the market for an offroad pop-top, have a look at this rig.

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Goldstream -RV

  5. Goldstream RV 16ft Panther

The RV is the product of red-track touring and nights camped under starry skies.

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Kendron -Top -Ender

  6. Kedron Top Ender

The Top Ender is built for offroad use and this is clear from both the chassis and the body construction.

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  7. Bushtracker 14ft Pop-Top

Bushtracker caravans are built for serious outback travel - and everyone knows it.

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On -the -Move -grenade

  8. On The Move Grenade

The Grenade is an offroad caravan and there are a few clues to this on the drawbar.

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Sunland -blue -heeler

  9. Sunland Blue Heeler

Sunland’s Blue Heeler offroad caravan has been around for a few years now, and has proven itself to be a very capable caravan.

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Lotus -trooper -caravan

  10. Lotus Trooper 

The Lotus Trooper caravan combines true offroad capability with stylish creature comforts.

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Retreat -hamilton -caravan

  11. Retreat Hamilton Offroad

The Hamilton checks in at a reasonable price for a fully offroad van with all the fruit your need for remote outback touring.

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New -age -commando

  12. Roadstar Safari Tamer

New Age Caravans makes no bones about the Commando 20 Series’ offroad prowess.

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