Tech: DIY wheel bearings check

By: Lloyd Junor, Photography by: Lloyd Junor

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A step by step guide to checking your wheel bearings.

Tech: DIY wheel bearings check
Tech: DIY wheel bearings check
STEP BY STEP (see gallery)

01 Set up the caravan or trailer on firm, level ground. If there is any incline, chock the wheel(s) on the opposite side to the ones being treated.

02 Place the A-frame on a stable stand that is capable of supporting the weight.

03 Locate a strong point toward the rear of the chassis that is accessible to a jack.

04 With the jack on a solid base, elevate one side of the van so that the wheels clear the surface.

05 A safety stand goes under the chassis.

06 With the wheel and tyre clear of the ground, spin the wheel by hand in the direction of forward travel. Listen for any ‘rumble’ sounds. ‘Sense’ if there is any vibration reaching your hands through the tyre.

07 Grasp the wheel diametrically. Using a strong sideways twisting action, see if you can sense any sideways movement or free play as you push with one hand and pull with the other. If even the slightest rumbling or vibration is discovered, or if there is the slightest free play or sideways movement, an investigation is needed.

08 Lower wheels back onto surface, remove jack and stability stands.