Ironman falls for RV lifestyle

By: Amy Middleton, Photography by: Zane Holmes

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We sent a Surf Life Saving champion on an RV adventure, and now he sees what we're all on about.

Ironman falls for RV lifestyle
Ironman plugs RV lifestyle
WE CARAVANNERS KNOW better than anyone that a hectic touring schedule is just one of the many responsibilities of the RV lifestyle. Other duties, like national parks, sunsets and Happy Hour, are part of the gig of living on the road, and it’s best not to complain. Just get the job done.

The most successful Ironman in Surf Life Saving history, Zane Holmes, has just discovered this.

Have a look at his blog: the 30-year-old champion is traversing the east coast as we speak, in a Jayco camper towed by a Jeep. Zane and his wife record their stops: to surf, cook a barbie, and other tedious chores endured by the weary traveller. Hang in there, Zane. We know it’s tough.

If you’re planning to hit the east coast, read Zane’s itinerary for some inspiration. He’ll be scooting southward from Scotts Head Holiday Park at Coffs, to Dunleith Tourist Park at The Entrance.

Even better, if you’re in the vicinity, drop in and say g’day at one of Zane’s planned stops. As seasoned travellers, give the poor bloke a tip or two, exchange some horror stories, and take time out to remember how lucky tourers are to be out on the road.

While you’re at it, go in the draw to win a HN5i Navigator GPS – it might make life on the road that little bit easier. We know how hard it gets.

Visit Zane’s blog here, or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

WORDS Amy Middleton