Feature: Get mp3 ready

Podcasts, audio drive tours and talking books for the road.

Feature: Get mp3 ready
Feature: Get MP3 ready

In the May edition of Caravan World magazine, Malcolm Street explains how to install an mp3 player in your tow vehicle or RV. To help you get the most out of your player,
caravanworld.com.au introduces you to the world of internet audio, podcasts and mp3s.

Podcasts are a wonderful source of audio content for your long trips. They can provide you and your travelling companions with some much needed mind space, well after you’ve flogged your favourite CDs. You can also listen to radio programmes outside of your favourite radio station’s broadcast range.

To enjoy podcasts, you need a computer, a broadband internet connection, iTunes (or similar software) and, of course,
an mp3 player.


A podcast service is a series of files (usually mp3 audio files) that are regularly uploaded by a content producer to a webpage or to an online "RSS" page that’s able to be read by "podcatching" software, like iTunes.

Podcasts that are published to a standard webpage can be downloaded one file at a time.

Podcasts uploaded to an RSS page are "subscribed to" from within iTunes (or similar software). The major benefit of using this type of software is that it alerts you as to when new podcasts are available: you can even set it to download the files automatically.

Be aware though, audio files are large (three minutes of MP3 audio is about 3mb – similar in size to a photo a modern digital camera) and can fill up your hard drive very quickly.


Like all things on the internet, the quality of podcasts varies.
Before you burden your PC with hundreds of podcast subscriptions, caravanworld.com.au suggests that you visit the website of your favourite radio station first.

Here are some great podcasts available on the internet.


  • Download iTunes
  • Launch the application, then select "Advanced" from the top toolbar
  • Choose "Subscribe to Podcast"

  • Enter the internet address of the podcast into the box


Malcolm Street is a big fan of audio books, and frequently uses them on his own. Malcolm recommends that you download iTunes, and purchase your favourite titles from the iTunes store.


Audio drive tours are essentially audio guided tours, packaged in a DVD or as an mp3,
that you can play as you travel through a region in your tow vehicle or RV.

Find below a list of Australian vendors.