Bathroom facilities for your RV - product

AusJ Imports now has an exterior shower that connects to your existing water supply on your caravan, camper trailer or motorhome.

Bathroom facilities for your RV - product
Bathroom facilities your RV - product

The Australasian-designed Mercury boxed exterior shower from AusJ Imports is a neat solution for RVs that lack bathroom facilities. It can also be used to shower children and pets, wash fish, and clean food, grills, tools and work and camping gear.

Featuring a hot/cold mixer tap and an off/on button or trigger on its handle, it comes with a 147cm vinyl hose and is contained behind a paintable hatch with an integrated hinge and key lock. It can be connected to an existing water supply or to AusJ’s 5L and 10L Duoetto and Optima 12/240V water heaters.

Made from ABS plastic, the recessed shower box requires a 280x152.5mm exterior portal for installation, which can be created using a hole saw. The box can be mounted either horizontally or vertically using concealed mounting screws. The faucet shank extends 34mm beyond the back of the 80mm deep formed box.

The introductory RRP for the unit is $150, for more information, visit