1958 - a vintage year for the Sunliner

January 13 - Vintage Sunliner 2.jpg
January 13 - Vintage Sunliner.jpg

Check out the Pallisters’ 1958 Sunliner all-American interior

1958 - a  vintage year for the  Sunliner

There is something about fibreglass caravans that seems to bring out people’s creativity. As some owners put it, Sunliners are like a blank canvas. That was certainly the case for Cliff and his wife Ingrid Pallister. They personalised their 1958 Sunliner van with a distinctly American theme.

They painted the outside silver, making it look aluminium; repainted the interior in white and blue; replaced the coupling with one from a later model Sunliner and laid new lino. Then they gradually filled their caravan with Americana, including bed linen with stars and stripes, a table cloth with an American flag design, Coca-Cola collectibles, Betty Boop pictures and cushions with Ford logos.

- Susan and Keith Hall

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