BRS Offroad Pursuit Platinum: Review

By: Michael Borg, Photography by: Matt Fehlberg

Charm, sophistication and brute - the Pursuit Platinum is a true bucket list buster!

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Who doesn’t like a bit of outdoors luxury these days, eh? In the past, if you went "tough touring" it pretty much meant you’d be roughing it with a few sheets of canvas strapped to the top of a rusted out box trailer. Fast forward to today, and well, it’s a whole new ball game. The team at BRS Offroad are testament to the fact too. After years of specialising in custom fabrication work, they decided to up the ante when it comes to building full offroad hybrid camper trailers, especially with their latest top-of-the-range model, the Pursuit Platinum. It’s their top of the range, fully-optioned, work of art – a bit like their very own Mona Lisa! So trust me when I say, I was chomping at the bit to check it out in person. How’d it go? Well, they say a picture tells a thousand words, so I’ll let you be the judge of that, eh?


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My first impressions were a little off-putting about the Pursuit Platinum, if I’m totally honest. It just looked a little awkward to me, even a bit strange. I mean there’s not much on the market you could compare it too when you think about it. In saying that, after a few hours of poking it with a stick (metaphorically of course), and examining every nook and cranny with a fine tooth comb, it seemed to become a part of the furniture. Like a tough, go-anywhere piece of furniture that slightly resembles a NASA space shuttle from the year 2035. In fact, a few hours later and I actually grew to love it’s futuristic lines.

BRS-Offroad -Pursuit -Platinum -side -view

Now it seems quite tall to look at. But measuring in at about 2.7m high, it’s lower than your average offroad caravan. I actually thought it would be top-heavy to tow or sway around like a lone leaf every time you pass wind, but those doubts were quickly put to bed the second we left the driveway. The centre of gravity is surprisingly low, which is partly thanks to the top half of the body/cabin area being made out of a tough fibreglass mould, and the lower half being constructed from slightly heavier aluminium. The aerodynamic futuristic lines work wonders while it’s in tow too.


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The wow factor smacks you right in the noggin as you open the door, or more accurately, as the door opens itself. Yep, you heard that right – just press the button on the remote (getting fancy, huh?) and the strut assisted keyless entry door jumps into action. As you step inside, it just feels comfortable too. There’s plenty of head height, so you’re not cramped in there, and I think the big stargazer window right above the bed really helps create a spacious feel inside too.  

Now, for some reason the internal layout really resonated with me. What do I like about it? Well, there’s a well appointed internal kitchen on your right as you walk in, so if it’s raining you can retreat inside for some tucker. Then there are the two fully upholstered lounge chairs and the nice and comfy bed on the left. It’s not over complicated, it just works.

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There’s a Dometic gas heater, or if the weather is getting a bit too hot you could always flick the Truma ducted air conditioning on too. I told you we were getting fancy!

Luxury wise, you couldn’t ask for a better equipped camper. It’s got everything from the high quality Sirocco 12V fan and Fusion audio system, right down to the TV and microwave. Heck, this thing rolls straight off the showroom floor with key hooks and coat hangers – now that’s attention to detail.

BRS-Offroad -Pursuit -Platinum -interior

To help ensure the Pursuit Platinum is equipped for remote travel, it’s got about 300W worth of solar panels wired to a DC-DC charger/40A regulator, 1600W/60A automatic transfer inverter/charger automatic transfer inverter, and a 200A lithium battery. It’s all the best of the best gear, and with 12V outlets everywhere, along with USB sockets and six double pole 240 outlets access to power shouldn’t be a drama.  


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How do I put this? The Pursuit Platinum is a purpose built, go-anywhere machine! Now it’s a hybrid camper, bordering closely along the line of an offroad caravan if we’re honest. In other words, it’s not the sort of thing you want to be dangling off the side of a cliff. In saying that, you would be absolutely shocked at how capable it is off the beaten track. There’s plenty of ground clearance, the rear departure angle is deceivingly capable, and the undercarriage is pretty well protected too. To put it all to the test, I managed to talk the BRS Offroad boys into bringing their big black beast of a 4WD out to play – it was easier than I thought too. I figured if this camper can follow that absolute animal around the tracks, it’ll handle anything.

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The 2.5 tonne CruiseMaster air independent suspension is a work of bloody art. It provides a cushioned ride with surprisingly good stability on and off the road. A real highlight is being able to adjust the ride height of both sides of the camper individually, which comes in super handy on the tracks. We tackled a pretty hairy rock step which had us hanging over pretty darn close to a big tree. To be honest I was sweating bullets for a second there. But Ben from BRS Offroad simply flicked the switch, and bam, the camper levelled back up and we were able to creep through without a scratch. How’s that for a boost of confidence?

The spare wheel is mounted on a drop-down cradle in a straightforward location at the rear, although it could use a few gas struts. Up the opposite end of the camper you’ll find the front storage box is quite practical to access, well thought out, and helps safeguards the whole front end with help from Raptor spray-on stone protection.


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When it comes to the practicality side of things, the Pursuit Platinum ticks more boxes than a high school graduate ploughing through the last multiple-choice exam of the year! I loved how the external living features help you get the most from the great outdoors. Like the big drop down compartment door that reveals a well appointed 95L duel zone Waeco fridge, which is conveniently located right next to the sizzler barbecue – we don’t like stretching too far for a coldie while there’s a slab of cow cooking now, do we? It’s mounted on a nifty little kitchen box made from stainless steel, which provides a bit of bench and storage space. At first I thought, "hang on, if the fridge is at the front of the camper outside, I’ll have to drag my sorry butt from the inside kitchen at the rear every time I want a bloody carrot". It turns out the BRS boys figured that one out long before my epiphany, and added two 30L Waeco draw fridges inside – that’s an extra 60L for storing your veggies!

The main side awning is practical to use, provides plenty of coverage and seems to be nice and sturdy. It’s by no means a 30 second set-up though, so you’d only realistically erect it if you were setting up camp for a few days.


BRS-Offroad -Pursuit -Platinum -front -view

To be honest, it baffles me how the Pursuit Platinum manages to incorporate all the luxuries you would expect to see in a fully equipped caravan in one offroad capable package. I mean realistically, it’s capable enough to go anywhere you want. It’s comfortable enough to live in full-time, and most importantly – with nothing to rust, it’s going to last! It’s got too many features and functions to list, but trust me – its inventory is impressive! Now it’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, no camper is. But if you’re looking for the perfect blend of style and sophistication, but aren’t quite ready to jump into a full offroad caravan, the Pursuit Platinum is a good middle ground. Go check one out for yourself.

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