Winnebago Mossman C Review

By: David Gilchrist, Photography by: Nathan Duff

Meet the all-new, Australian-made Winnebago Mossman C family van.

Winnebago Mossman C Review

A cymbal clashes and the legendary Aussie rock band GANGgajang erupts into its rock ballad This is Australia. With its grooving back beat and memorable lyrics, this unrelenting rock anthem conjures vivid images – the textures of tropical Australia, of lightening over lush green canefields, and humidity laying heavy on beautiful tropical villages like Mossman in northern Queensland.

So when Winnebago named its new, Aussie-built family caravan, the Mossman, I envisaged a van that would allow you to explore the bush and the beach, the mountains and the valleys, expecting that, as the song says, I’d ‘laugh and think, this is Australia.’

Northern Queensland was a bit far to go with a review caravan from the Apollo factory in Brisbane, Qld, sadly, so instead we took the Winnebago Mossman C to another iconic Queensland town, Noosa.


Winnebago Mossman C Review 1

The Mossman C is well suited for family travel. The interior of this large van is tidy and attractive providing comfortable digs for a family of four, or up to five at a pinch.

The kids bunk down at the rear, while guardians can enjoy a caravan-queen-sized bed with wardrobes both sides at the front.

Under-bed storage is quite limited. Lift up the bed to stow your extra blankets and you’ll be surprised. There is limited space under the bed, as much of the space is taken up by the tunnel boot, which is not accessible from the interior of the van.

At meal times, the family can dine at a cafe-style dinette, which has storage space under the seats. As an added bonus, the dinette can convert into a third single bed, transforming it into a four-berth caravan that sleeps five in case an extra mate (yours of the kids’!) joins you along the track somewhere.

The kitchen includes a pull-out pantry, cooktop with two gas and one electric burner, grill and oven, microwave, a 190L three-way fridge-freezer and ample bench space, all of which help make preparing meals for a family easy. Moreover, the kitchen boasts sufficient cupboards and drawers that are all well made. You’re not going to snag your fingers on a rough edge or splinter while rummaging around for the bottle opener in these drawers.

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At the rear of the Winnebago, two convenient windows mean the two bunk beds have plenty of ventilation. A concertina privacy screen means that, although the kids share the rear of the van with the ensuite, you don’t have to kick them out of bed and shoo them away to have a private shower. The ensuite also hides a washing machine in the cupboard by the toilet.

Entertainment-wise, the Mossman includes a 22in flatscreen TV on the inside, an externally mounted TV, and a Bluetooth stereo. A Dometic air-conditioner keeps things comfy.


The external hot and cold shower is at the rear of the van, along with a small storage hatch which is suitable for storing heavy items or, perhaps, your fold-up fishing rods. This storage locker, as well as the small front tunnel boot, would benefit from an interior light, especially since the tunnel boot provides access to the twin deep-cycle batteries and charger.

At the front end, the drawbar is home to two 9kg gas cylinders, providing ample gas for a long time at camp. Given the absence of a slide-out barbecue, the gas/electric hot water system and the interior gas cooker are the only appliances which will draw on the gas supply.

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And although you’ll have to cook your sausages indoors (unless you pack a portable barbie), you can bring them back outside to enjoy under the awning during Friday night footy, as the exterior does feature a drop-down table with plug-in access for an external TV.


The Winnebago Mossman is a large, comfortable, family caravan that has much going for it including a good interior layout, despite the limited under-bed storage, and plenty of carrying capacity for the whole family.

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Although the van doesn’t provide the sense of tropical outdoor living that its name suggests, this is a well-made family van that shows the promise of a manufacturer finding its way in the crowded caravan market.

The solid drawbar, chassis, frame, roof and walls tick the right boxes in terms of quality, and it provides all the space needed for a family to tour on well-formed tracks.

Measuring up

Winnebago Mossman C Review 5


  • Solid drawbar and chassis
  • Sensible interior design
  • Ample room for a family of four
  • Very usable kitchen with ample storage and quality fittings


  • Needs a more flexible, secure hitch
  • No external cooking facility

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