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If you want to invest in the American cult classic Airstream caravan it's now available on Australian soil. Find Airstream reviews, videos and an overview of the brand's history in our Airstream buyers' guide.

Throughout the world there are only a handful of RV manufacturers whose caravans are instantly identifiable to even the most casual observer. One of those is US manufacturer Airstream. 

Airstream Caravan Vintage

In1959 a 3 month, 13,000 mile odyssey from Cape Town to Cairo served to cement Airstream in the minds of people all over the world as the ultimate tool for adventure travel.

Airstream design

What distinguishes the Airstream from just about any other van is its unique polished aluminium finish. But it’s more than skin deep because there is an inner and outer layer of riveted aluminium with insulation in between.

Airstream in Australia

Unique in many ways, Airstreams has not been officially available in Australia until very recently. That changed when Batemans Bay-based A&A Industries became the Airstream-appointed Australian distributor. Although Airstream manufactures a wide range of caravans (known as travel trailers in the US), there will only be a limited range available in Australia. That’s partly due to compliance requirements, such as the requirement for a nearside entry door.

Watch a video from the Airstream Australia launch event:

Airstream history

At the launch Bob Wheeler, President of Airstream USA spoke of Airstream's rich history, starting form 1931, when a young entrepreneur and visionary called Wally Byam built the first travel trailer in his backyard as his wife loved to camp, but didn't like to sleep on the ground. His neighbours liked it so much that they ordered trailers from him and he started a small company selling trailers that ‘glide down the road like a stream of air’. World War 2 put a bit of a dent in his plans as aluminium wasn't available, which is a pretty important ingredient in the Airstream formula. But Airstream really hit its stride in the 1950s, an era of optimism when Americans wanted to travel around their country from Yosemite to the Grant Canyon.

Airstream reviews and video

Airstream 762

Airstream 762: Review

The distrinctive US import has developed cult status as a caravan. This is the latest model to be adapted for Australian use and is built for two, but will accommodate four people. With a front bedroom, rear dinette, split bathroom, the 762 requires large tow vehicle.

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Airstream Caravan Mobile Shop

Airstream and Neil Armstrong

Did you know that Neil Armstrong and his colleagues were actually quarantined in an Airstream caravan when they returned from the moon landing for fear that they had would bring with them some lunar pathogen that would wipe out all of mankind?

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Airstream Caravan And Tow Vehicle

Video: Vintage Airstream caravan

Caravan World contributor Keith Hall takes a closer look at a 1965 Airstream Tradewind caravan. He meets Will Bailey, the owner of the Airstream. Bailey and his wife belong to a vintage caravan club and it took them 18 months to track down this model.

Watch the Airstream video

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