Blog: What IS camping?

If using high-tech gadgets in the bush ISN'T camping, then what IS? Lionel Mussell ponders...

Blog: What IS camping?
Blog: What IS camping?

A FEW WEEKS BACK I blogged about what my son-in-law reckons is
NOT camping
. "That’s not camping!" he cries, when I produce some high-tech item to make life a little easier, or a little more enjoyable.

We – my two daughters and their partners, plus me – spent a most enjoyable weekend camping in a secluded spot on the Gippsland coast recently. We only saw one other vehicle during the three days we were there, and no, I’m not telling you where it was!

That certainly WAS camping. We had a lovely campfire every day, had a camp-oven roast one evening, cooked delicious eggs and bacon for breakfast, snacked on a gourmet selection of cheeses and cooked meats with fresh pineapple chunks thrown in for luck, and consumed a sufficient quantity of ale and wine to keep out the cold.

We listened to the birds, heard the sound of the surf
and watched the full moon rise, looking huge as it came over the horizon. That definitely WAS camping.

Ok, so I did put up my antenna, enabling me to answer emails and surf the net. I also put up another antenna and could receive about 20 TV channels on my laptop (although I never watched any of them after tuning them in). That wouldn’t have been camping.

Who cares that one couple had an ensuite and hot showers from their gas hot water system? Or that the other couple heated water on the fire and used it for showers in their shower room on the side of their caravan, while I used hot water from my butane-fuelled hot water unit for my ablutions?

There’s no need to rough it these days to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort, even if you are nowhere near a town or caravan park.

What are your thoughts?

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Written exclusively for Caravan World online