Blog: Need repairs? You can stick it...

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That's Lionel's advice for everyone, when it comes to things that can be superglued.

Blog: Need repairs? You can stick it...
Blog: Bush repairs? You can stick it...

"NEED HELP FIXING something? You can stick it..."

No, I'm not being rude. I’m just referring to some invaluable advice when something needs fixing or fastening.
That’s when one or another of my invaluable aids comes into play. My three sticky helpers are duct tape, Super Glue and Velcro.

At the moment, my television antenna is fastened with duct tape
to an upright member of the shed that I’m currently in. The steel of the roof effectively cut off any useable TV signal, so I had to move the antenna to a more friendly location to get the telly working.

Super Glue comes in when I need a more permanent fix, like when I broke the rear-view mirror on my electric bike. A few dabs of Super Glue, and I can once again see all those huge trucks coming up behind me.

Then there’s my favourite: Velcro. I bought a large amount of this wonderful stuff on eBay, and I’ve been using it for all manner of things ever since. My mobile phone now sits securely on the dash, ready to communicate with my BlueAnt hands-free device,
up on the sun visor.

Where I sit to write, a large tray is close at hand, Velcroed to a cupboard just inside the door.
A powerboard is kept out of the way, Velcroed to the side of the refrigerator, while on the other side, a "Murphy's Law" poster says it all.

I wouldn’t leave home without my three sticky friends.

products do you never leave home without? Have your say below.

WORDS AND PICS Lionel Mussell
Written exclusively for Caravan World Online