Blog: Multitask your clothes pegs

Resourceful Lionel Mussell reveals the many uses for a peg, in addition to the attachment of one's washing to a line.

Blog: Multitask your clothes pegs
Blog: Multitask your clothes pegs

WI ALWAYS THOUGHT clothes pegs were just for hanging out the washing on the clothes-line.

Since I began caravanning many years ago, I’ve discovered there are many more uses for the humble peg – and I’m sure you can add to the list.

The little plastic closer they use on bread is an example of things that annoy me intensely – that is until I found that the spring-loaded clothes peg does the job admirably. Sometimes they use a twisted piece of plastic coated wire to do the same job and that’s just as annoying.

If you need to fasten several pieces of paper together and you don’t have a paper clip or a spring clip handy, just go to the peg basket and grab a peg – it will do the trick.

What about curtains? you may well ask.
I use clothes pegs to clip the curtains closed in my little motorhome – and to hold them open as well.

Then there’s the freezer. The partially-used bags of frozen peas, beans, etc. can be kept air-tight by folding the bag over a few times and then pegging it. Works for me at home or away.

Oh yes – if you still have any pegs left, you can use them to hang out the washing – unless, like me, you find a couple of dollars in the caravan park laundry dryer is much quicker and easier.

Share your ideas below.

WORDS AND PICS Lionel Mussell
Written exclusively for Caravan World online