Blog: Van reversing solution found!

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One reader offers his genius method for successful reversing...

Blog: Van reversing solution found!
Blog: Van reversing solution found!
Bob Lewis, of Goodnight NSW, has a genius method for backing up his van, which he reckons guarantees 100% success rate.

Bob shares his idea below:

"I purchased a 3.5in LCD display with two AV inputs and a reversing camera and cable (total cost was under $80).

I permanently
fitted the camera to the top of my Hayman Reece Hitch, welded a metal protective covering around it, and wired it up to the reversing light and display. Hey, presto! Reversing onto the coupling is visible on the display.

To make life a little easier I have also replaced the jockey wheel with a 1t 12V scissor jack, which is activated by a remote control so that when the coupling is over the towball I can lower the coupling onto the ball from inside the car. The vertical leg on the scissor jack can be easily
removed for travelling.

The final addition is the fitting of a CCD rear camera on the back of the caravan, which is wired to the second AV input of the display. This is activated when not in reverse, and gives me a constant view of the traffic behind." – Bob Lewis, NSW

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