From the road: One-off vintage folding van

By: Susan and Keith Hall, Photography by: Susan and Keith Hall

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The Halls spotted a totally unique and retro way to keep a caravan compact.

From the road: One-off vintage folding van
From the road: One-off vintage folding van

HERE'S AN INNOVATIVE and completely unique idea from a caravan builder of days past.

Dave and Tammy Heferen of Sydney have a 1950s vintage caravan with a remarkable system for folding. It works as an alternative to the modern day pop-top or slide-out variations, in order to keep a van compact for travelling.

All the walls are hinged halfway up, and can be folded down flat while the van is in motion, making the caravan look rather like a large box trailer. And when the caravan is opened out, the roof is a soft canvas cover. As a bonus, there is also a fold-out section at one end.

This remarkable vintage folding caravan is literally a one-off. It was homebuilt by Tammy’s great uncle, and has been passed
through the family over several generations.

We think it's nifty. Have you seen anything similar in your travels?

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