Saturday spotlight: Gnome on the Range

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Caravanners often take souvenirs home, but at Gnomesville they leave them behind

Saturday spotlight: Gnome on the Range
Saturday spotlight: Gnome on the Range

If you are touring around the southwest of WA and you are a fan of garden gnomes, make a point of visiting Gnomesville. This unusual town has a population of thousands – and they are all gnomes.

Visitors come from all around Australia to leave garden gnomes here. Some are left by families, others by clubs, and some by caravanners. So you will find model caravans and caravan-shaped signs among the gnomes. Since gnomes are renowned for their quirky sense of humour, you will also find signs like "Gnome away from gnome", "Gnome place like gnome" and "Gnomads gnoming around Gnomesville".

This odd town isn’t marked on most maps. It is about 35km east of Bunbury, at the intersection of Wellington Mill Road and Ferguson Road. You can also get there from Donnybrook on the South Western Highway. Make sure you wear a red hat!

Words and pics Susan and Keith Hall.