Saturday spotlight: travelling with Murphy and Lionel

Surviving the electronic plague

Murphy, my little green mate, is visiting this site for the first time so I’ll have to keep an eagle eye on him before he slips something rude, treasonable or appallingly tasteless into my breathless prose.

His recent tricks include getting an unidentified person fluent in electronic noises to call my phone; messing up my computer so I couldn’t send or receive emails; then, when the email was again working, he made sure I sent people the wrong web address for the preface to my forthcoming overseas trip.

What about you? Has Murphy messed with your PC?

  • Lionel
    Mussell is the president of the Australian Caravan Club (ACC), and columnist for Caravan World magazine.
    Read more adventures of Lionel and Murphy in the April edition of Caravan World magazine issue 476, out now.