News: Cape trip breakdown

Axle woes for Vehicle Components team

News: Cape trip breakdown
News: Cape Trip minor encounters
Vehicle Components encountered a mechanical set-back on day two of its trip to the Cape, where it plans to test offroad gear in some of Australia’s toughest terrain.

Crew members Peter Cooper and Andrew Goddard discovered the fault Tuesday morning after Peter’s LandCruiser began to behave erratically while exiting Marlborough. "Peter experienced a violent pull from the steering wheel in the LandCruiser. The panhard rod bolt had come loose allowing the axle to shimmy," reveals Vehicle Components managing director, Chris Goddard. "Luckily the bolt was still hanging on and was able to retightened."

Chris (who with Deon van Deventer will join Peter and Andrew in Cairns tomorrow) attributed the mishap to the inappropriate application of anti-seize on part of the bolt. "A hydraulic lock (can) form on the bolt, which stops it from being fully tightened," says Chris.

Despite the set-back, the pair continued on via Camilla and Bowen, arriving in Townsville (300km from Cairns) Tuesday night, and was expected to have reached Cairns earlier today.

The two crew members had spent much of the Monday travelling from Brisbane in the rain, following the arrival and modification of the two camper trailers (supplied courtesy of Pacific Aluminium Trailers and Lifestyle Camper Trailers) the week before.

"The Lifestyle was fitted with a Cruisemaster Coil and the Pacific with an Economaster. This is a lighter, no frills, independent system that’s currently only available to OEM trailer manufacturers," says Chris. "Economaster offers an independent entry level product for lighter trailers up to 1500kg."