Tall poppy syndrome?

Australia's said to be known for it, but according to CW's Malcolm Street, it's barriers in the UK that are stopping RVs reaching great heights.

Tall poppy syndrome?
Tall poppy syndrome?

In the March edition of CW magazine, Street Talk’s Malcolm Street comments on the prevalence of height barriers in the UK.

"A problem we do not have too much of here in Australia relates to height barriers. It’s a different matter in the UK, where they are everywhere, including obvious tourist destinations. The picture below was taken at a place called Carn Brea (a popular mining heritage site) in Cornwall. Note that even a large 4WD might have difficulty getting under."

According to Malcolm, the barriers are built to minimise the practice of motorhomers and caravanners using parking lots as long-term stays.


Double Decker bus - did you know?, from Malcolm Street's Street Talk
1958 - a vintage year from Sunliner - Susan and
Keith Hall