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Nomadic Table Nomadic Table
Nomadic Table hinge design Nomadic Table hinge design
Sit Easy Table adaptor Sit Easy Table adaptor
Sit Easy Table adaptor in operation Sit Easy Table adaptor in operation

Aussie innovation thrives at the 2009 Victorian Caravan Show

Gear: Top tables
Gear: two top tables

You'll find plenty of great ideas at the latest caravan and camping show. Here are two top aussie initiatives that caught CW's eye, which are sure to make life a little more enjoyable on the road at meal time.


If you read Caravan World magazine, you might’ve seen Nomadic fold-down picnic tables attached to the latest RVs. But did you know you can retrofit one to your existing van?

Nomadic Solutions’ self-supporting external table is secured with aluminium peel (banana) rivets, avoiding the expensive process of cutting a hole into your RV’s wall. They’re available in four sizes and are rated at 20kg, which is strong enough for a small TV or barbecue. At the
Caravan show
, curious onlookers watched as Nomadic’s founder Albert Stolp demonstrated the table’s design intricacies.

"The table hinge is not a separate part, it’s built into the actual extrusion," Albert explained.

See the Nomadic Solutions’ table in Rod Chapman's
Nova Pride review or visit Albert at the Nomadic Solutions’ stand at the Queensland Caravan and
Camping show


CW also liked Keith’s idea of the Sit Easy Table adaptor. The adaptor fits between your RV’s existing tabletop and stand, making it easier for you to get into and out of your dinette seats. The adaptor slides out in a horizontal position, rotates at 360°, and locks into place once you’re ready to eat.

Dissatisified with similar products in the past, Keith designed the Sit Easy Table adapter so that
the table top would
return to its original position, set out by the van manufacturer.

Keith said the response to his Sit Easy Table adapter was great at the 2009 Victorian Caravan show.

"One bloke called up and said that he was delighted that he and his wife could finally use the cupboards that located behind the dinette," laughed Keith.

The Sit Easy Table adaptor works best with L-shaped dinettes, but is also suitable for bench and cafe style seating as well.

The design is just 12 months old.

IMAGES: The Nomadic fold-down picnic table can be retrofitted to your existing van; Albert demonstrates the Nomadic picnic table's hinge; Keith's Sit Easy Table adaptor works with your existing table; the Sit Easy Table adaptor installed.