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Marvel RV Golden Child 22ft 6in

Designed to suit a large family, this Golden Child is a rugged van with an extreme electronics setup built for offroad travel

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The team at MDC is excited to announce the accreditation

MDC Camper Trailers excited to announce RVMAP accreditation

MDC Camper Trailers & Offroad Caravans is proud to receive the coveted RVMAP accreditation from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

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Wonder World

We have a look behind the scenes and meet the team at Wonderland RV

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Travelling as a Newbie

Preparation is key when starting out in the RV lifestyle. But sometimes it takes experiencing things to really get the hang of it.

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Network RV Terrain Tuff

Family caravans are the flavour of the year, and Network RV’s Terrain Tuff exemplifies this — with a bonus lying in its offroad capabilities

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New Dawn for the Caravan Industry

New legislation for the industry comes into effect in July with the Road Vehicle Standards Act

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Radiation Sickness Remedy

In this DIY, we offer a thrifty solution to the perennial problem of heat loss and gain through RV windows

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Manufacturing Success

Technology and toughness come together in this manufacturer

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Retreat ERV 210R CL

Lithium batteries are certainly making an impact in the RV world but is it possible to run an entire caravan off battery power?

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All the Fun of the Shoalhaven

From national parks to water parks, wine tasting to whale watching, the Shoalhaven region of New South Wales offers a world of family fun.

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Caravan Review: New Age Manta Ray MR19BE Limited Edition

New Age grew to prominence off the back of innovative interiors. The influence of new owners Walkinshaw Group has driven more technological development and a focus on testing — and we see the results in this Limited Edition family van.

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REDARC Launches New Fast-Charging Dual Battery

REDARC has launched GoBlock, a compact, portable, dual battery system with ultrafast charging while driving

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