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Marvel RV Golden Child 22ft 6in

Designed to suit a large family, this Golden Child is a rugged van with an extreme electronics setup built for offroad travel

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The team at MDC is excited to announce the accreditation

MDC Camper Trailers excited to announce RVMAP accreditation

MDC Camper Trailers & Offroad Caravans is proud to receive the coveted RVMAP accreditation from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

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The Outback's Heart

Journey through Australia's Red Centre by following the Gary Junction Road

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Bungle Bungle Offroad Rumble

Located deep in the hear of Western Australia's Kimberley region, Purnululu National Park is a beacon of natural phenomena found nowhere else.

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Southern Star Hardcore SS21

An aluminium frame and top-shelf suspension equip this van for offroad travel to make it hardcore in more than name only.

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Wallaroo Compact 16.6 Offroad Bunk Van Reviewed

This little twin bunk offroader has had no expense spared in the pursuit of heavy-duty performance, off-grid capability and family liveability. Is it worth the money?

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Offroad Opportunities

Legend Caravans' new offering is ready for all of your offroad adventures

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Lotus Trooper 18ft 9in

Offroad and luxury don't necessarily go together for serious offroad caravans, but Lotus’s Trooper caravan begs to differ

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Coromal Launches a New Semi Offroad Caravan

With the completion of its Seeker Series, Coromal has added a new semi offroad caravan — the Thrill Seeker — to its fleet.

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Review: Evernew E900 ATX

More options for intrepid offroad caravanners in a dedicated package with Evernew’s E900 ATX

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Caravan Review: New Age Manta Ray MR19BE Limited Edition

New Age grew to prominence off the back of innovative interiors. The influence of new owners Walkinshaw Group has driven more technological development and a focus on testing — and we see the results in this Limited Edition family van.

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REDARC Launches New Fast-Charging Dual Battery

REDARC has launched GoBlock, a compact, portable, dual battery system with ultrafast charging while driving

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