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JB Dirt Roader 22ft Family Van

You can’t be any clearer about the intended purpose of a vehicle when you have sizeable decals on all four sides of the van spruiking ‘Dirt Roader’.

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JB Dirt Roader Review

JB Caravans Dreamline Dirt Roader: 2014 Review

This classic style caravan will cover all your needs when it comes to your next trip away. Reviewer and also Caravan World editor, Max Taylor states, "JB definitely know their stuff, having built this good honest van, on traditional values".

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Caravan of the Year 2022 Presented by MSA 4x4

It's testing time again as a crack team of judges, photographers, and organisers get a look at the best caravans in Australia at Caravan of the Year, presented by MSA 4x4

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New Age Road Owl MY22RO18E Reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2022

The Road Owl from New Age Caravans is a fuss-free rig with clean lines, modern appointments, and all you might need to take an extended break in a touring van

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