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Caravan review: Bruder EXP-7

XSitting between the EXP-6 and EXP-8, this latest model from Bruder proves to be an ultimate offroad caravan.

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Review: Bruder EXP-8

Caravan World's first Bruder EXP-8 review - an extreme expedition caravan with a high-end price tag to match.

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Review: Bruder EXP-6

This astonishing hybrid is finding homes with adventure travellers across the globe. We managed to score an afternoon with one before it shipped out.

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Operation 200 Part 7: Power trip with Berrima Diesel Service

Operation 200 continues this month as we travel to the NSW Southern Highlands for vital reliability upgrades and a significant power boost.

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Caravan review: Condor Bluewave 18'4

Single axle caravans are generally shorter than tandem axle models. But does that mean a compromise in the living area?

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