Ampfibian S1000DX Surge Protector

Sam Richards — 18 September 2019

Protecting your investments is never a bad idea. Pay a little, so you don’t have to pay much, much more. This is exactly the logic behind buying a surge protector, such as the Ampfibian S1000DX. Surge protectors are designed to protect your electronics from spikes in voltage, which can destroy wiring and write off your appliances. Such voltage spikes can be caused by power outages, lightning strikes, generators running out of fuel and even switching in other large equipment sharing the line. Circuit breakers and RCDs themselves are too slow to protect against surges and therefore offer no protection.

Plug into 240V and you become vulnerable to spikes. Surge protectors are common fare for caravanners who spend a lot of their nights in tourist parks and the Ampfibian S1000DX stands out as a great choice of surge protector. It’s used in conjunction with a 15A extension cord, only you plug in the surge protector to act as a middleman between your caravan’s inlet and the power outlet.

The S1000DX comes with a waterproof case. Inside this tight-fitting shell you find two protruding fixtures onto which you slot your surge protector with its two matching holes. Once it is secured inside, you push the case closed; the latches on the side automatically click into place, as do a set of anti-slip cleats inside. These hold your power cord such that it can’t pull out, for example, if someone was to trip on it. This case keeps water out effectively, helped by a set of foam seals. You can even hang it off the ground using the flip-out hanger.

The urge to surge

The S1000DX is rated up to 1000 joules, meaning that it can absorb that level of energy, preventing it from being passed onto your electronics. This Ampfibian product is rated up to 3600W, meaning it can serve up 3600W at any given time. 

The simple traffic-light communication system helps you to understand the power situation, instantly. A solid green is all the reassurance you need to know you have reliable, trustworthy power that you can go ahead and use. Whereas, red indicates a wiring problem with the outlet, meaning you shouldn’t use it; and orange means that there’s been a powerful surge, so the cartridge (the surge protector, as separate from the casing) needs replacing. This is easily and cheaply done, with replacement cartridges available online for only $59.99.

While it is hard to safely test the surge protecting properties of this item, we can verify that all other components perform as they should; and there is the reassurance that the S1000DX meets Australia’s and New Zealand’s standards. Everything considered the Ampfibian S1000DX is a great, inexpensive method of keeping your electronics safe while plugged into mains power.

Ampfibian S1000DX Surge Protector

RRP $89.99


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