Kokoda, New Age And Jurgens Compete In $50-$65K Category At Best Aussie Vans

Laura Gray — 11 October 2016

The Kokoda Platinum XLi Platinum, the Jurgens Lunagazer J2405 and the New Age Manta Ray 18 Special Edition are vying for the title of Best Aussie Van in the lowest priced category at this year's event.


The Kokoda Veteran XLi Platinum is a 21-footer van retailing for $64,990. It's got a traditional buiuld with meranti timber frame and silver ribbed aluminium cladding but that's where convention ends! This Veteran XLi has state of the art technology, including RV Wi-Fi (Telstra) to keep you in the loop on the road. Wi-Fi in a caravan!? Who knew? Other features include 3.3t Kokoda Tuff Ride suspension, Al-Ko ESC as standard, a Smart TV with multimedia capabilities and a refreshing interior decor.


The New Age Manta Ray 18ER Special Edition is priced at $61,990 and is a well-equipped and beautifully-presented van with a Tare weight of 1741kg, ATM 2200kg, and ball weight of 137kg. True to New Age's style, the Manta Ray has a super sleek and modern interior with white ultra-high gloss cabinetry, a full-height acrylic splashback and contrasting fabric upholstery on the cafe-style dinette. With a front bedroom and rear bathroom, storage - both inside and out - is a real feature of this van, most notably in the large front toolbox (half taken up by the 2x9kg gas cylinders) and large tunnel boot.


The Jurgens Lungazer J2405 is priced at $65,000 fully-specced and is touted as a 'dirt road capable' tourer, perfect for a touring couple. It has Jurgens' tried and tested C-section chassis with punched holes to save weight and the long-proved aluminium-composite cladding with one-piece moulded fibreglass front and rear which achieve the same thing. All this helps keep the weight of 6.45m van to a very respectable 1741kg Tare (2200kg at ATM) with a ball weight of just 137kg. With a front island bed and full-width rear ensuite, the J2405 offers a lot of square footage for your money. Will that be enough to knock off its rivals?

Check out CW issue 558 for the full results to find out the winner!



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Laura Gray