ARK Corporation: Masters of innovation

Julija Zivanovic — 5 October 2023
Explore the full range of XO Series gear, power products and the all-new Smart Connector by ARK Corporation, all designed to enhance life on the road.

Figuring out how to traverse the harsh Aussie outback is one of the key concerns of any caravanner. But what if there was a range of accessories available that made the whole process easier? That’s where ARK Corporation comes in — an Aussie company with the aim of making towing safer, easier and a more enjoyable experience. There is enough stress planning the getaway and there is always a lot to pack especially if holidaying with the kids. ARK Corporation wants to ensure all tourers in Australia make it to their destination and back again, and with that in mind, it’s created its XO Series range of gear. 

Founded in 1978 by Ark Richard Arakelian, a fitter and turner by trade, ARK Corporation came about because Arakelian saw a gap in the Aussie market for towballs. Now with over 45 years in the game, ARK Corporation is one of the only major companies in Australia that is truly 100 per cent Australian-owned and 100 per cent independent. Leading the game in trailer parts, towing gear and 4WD accessories, ARK now has a range of more than 900 products, and with this range growing every day ARK is a one-stop shop for all your caravanning needs, whether that be a Smart Connector, Jockey Wheel or Cargo Carrier.

While these newer items might be getting their well-deserved spotlight, they are only the latest in ARK’s track record of introducing game-changing products into the market. There are many 4WD and RV accessories that many of us take for granted — such as the lockable jerry can holder, the towball shin protector and the quick assembly seven pin flat — that ARK invented. And it’s easy to appreciate the convenience and safety that these kinds of products offer while travelling. 

The design process

All of ARK’s products are engineered, designed and tested in Australia’s vast and harshest conditions to ensure the range of innovative products meet and exceed the industry’s highest standards, and of course, are ready for any adventures that will be thrown at them. 

ARK Corporation personally oversees every stage of product development — from the initial design process and testing through to market delivery — and is a one-stop shop for all trailer and towing requirements. An Aussie-based team of dedicated engineers and outdoor enthusiasts allows for the development of innovative products best suited to the Aussie recreational lifestyle.

An innovative mindset

With an ever-growing inventory of well over 900 different trailer parts and accessories, ARK provides solutions to a variety of towing problems. The company motto is ‘Innovation, not imitation’, and the team is always looking for ways to fill gaps in the market with unique and inventive designs. In fact, since its inception, ARK has held more than 70 patents and registered designs, demonstrating the team’s dedication to innovation. 

One of its newest ranges, the XO Series range of products, offers a complete package of trailer accessories geared for the offroad tourer which have become a standard on most camper trailers today. This range comprises articulating ball couplings, jockey wheels, drop-down corner steadies/jacks, electric brakes and power distribution systems and is the perfect pack for the offroad tourer (more on this below).

Well-deserved awards

ARK Corporation has been granted many awards over the years, from Industry Supply to Exporting as well as a range of International Product Awards from overseas shows. ARK’s culture is not about chasing accolades as the sales of its innovative products speaks volumes and is rewarding enough. The company spends its time designing, refining and testing products to be the most innovative in the marketplace. 

International distribution

ARK Corporation has worked very hard over the last decade to secure distribution in many countries, currently with two international distribution locations in the US and Canada. ARK also exports its products to New Zealand, the UK, Dubai, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and New Caledonia — with the list growing each year. 

Top-selling products and new product releases

With the overarching aim of making towing safer, easier and just a more enjoyable experience, ARK designs its products with the aim of getting you and your loved ones to your destination and back safely. With this in mind, it created its XO Series range of gear. The range includes:

Offroad Coupling — essentially the best articulating towball coupling on the market, its ease of use, simple locking mechanism, as well as the fact you don’t have to swap out your tow hitch on the vehicle every time, makes it the ideal choice. 

Offroad Jockey Wheels — an incredibly versatile jockey wheel, its unique design makes moving the caravan around an ease and the adjustable height feature means it can tackle any terrain or vehicle height. Furthermore, its robust design and twin wheels give it a massive load rating and can aid in recovery if needed.

Offroad Corner Steadies/Jacks — next-level corner steadies that don’t only stabilise the caravan but in the 90-degree position are rated to 875kg per corner which means you can actually jack up the RV for a recovery aid or if you need to change a tyre. 

Smart Connector — this new product is an absolute game-changer. Now it only takes one person to do a pre-trip safety light check to ensure all the signals are working on the trailer. It does this both automatically and will warn the driver with an audible sound if there is a problem or it can be done at any time using an app, allowing you to visually check the signals work without having to be in the driver’s seat. 

All ARK Corporation products and accessories are available either in store or via special order through all the major automotive and outdoor retail chains, as well as online at And don't forget to check out the XO Series to see how ARK can enhance your next caravanning adventure. 


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