Introducing Kokoda's Squadron 22’7” family van

Amelia Mansell and Summer Salvato — 30 January 2023
The newest family van in Kokoda Caravan’s fleet, the Squadron 22’7”, is a quad bunk van that packs a punch

Kokoda Caravans is a proudly Australian-Made company located in Melbourne. Established in 2011, Kokoda Caravans has been under the management of the Price family since 2019 and continues to produce innovative couples and family caravans ready to tackle on and offroad adventures throughout Australia.

There are plenty of family vans on the market, and Kokoda has a number of its own to choose from. For large families or groups who want to hit the road, or rather head off it, but are worried about the size the van they might have to tow, the Squadron is a worthy contender.

At only 22ft 7in, this van is designed to sleep six, or eight if you opt for the triple bunk layout, and includes a stylish living area, full ensuite with separate shower and toilet, not to mention the offroad and off-grid capabilities that Kokoda’s vans are known for.

The Squadron is described as clever, tough and accommodating by Summer Salvato, the Sales Manager at Kokoda Caravans. “It packs a lot into a relatively short van for what it offers. And the storage is great, too.”  


Keeping with Kokoda Caravans’ sleek and minimalistic style that is visible throughout the company’s fleet, the Squadron features an external colour palette of black, white and grey.

But heading indoors, there is the choice of four different colour themes for the interior design, allowing owners to bring their personal style into the van.  

The Squadron features a 6” Australian steel DuraGal chassis and A-frame and Tuff Ride 3.5t independent suspension, all of which are constructed locally in Melbourne as part of Kokoda’s Australian-Made quality assurance. 16” Alloy wheels and Heavy-Duty Off-Road M/T tyres will keep you grounded, both on and offroad.

The Squadron’s meranti frame is protected by flat aluminium composite cladding around the front, rear and sides of the caravan. Up front, there is a stone mesh guard for additional protection.


Ready for offroad and off-grid adventures, the Squadron has two full-size spare tyres, two 95L water tanks and two 20L jerry can holders. The tanks can be refilled easily and quickly with a water inlet for each tank.

Power-wise, the Squadron is fitted out with two 170W solar panels, accompanied by two 100-amp AGM batteries, and a lithium ready battery management system complete with Trek display where owners can check the solar intake, switch the pumps on and off and make upgrades.

In celebration of the new year, Kokoda is offering an off-grid pack worth $7000 as a free upgrade with every order placed after 1 January 2023 and scheduled for delivery from April. Some of the fantastic features included in this pack are a portable grey water tank, reverse camera, smart TV, 150AH Lithium battery and 400W solar – all of which will help you head offroad and off-grid with ease.

External storage isn’t a problem in the Squadron. A dual-slide checkerplate toolbox up front with a 12V point is ready for the pull-out fridge and generator. A tunnel boot is situated behind the toolbox, and another at the back of the van, running below the bunks, maximising all the space possible.


Designed with families – or large crews – in mind, the Squadron’s layout includes a queen north-south island bed up front, where owners can enjoy an innerspring mattress, dual bedside niches and wardrobe storage – complete with 240V and 12V power points. Underbed storage makes good use of the space.  

But the star of the show in the Squadron is its quad bunk arrangement. “The clever, space efficient use of the bunks [provides] room for a large family or extra guests to go off-grid without needing swags or a second van,” explains Summer. The two double bunks are situated along the rear and side wall in an L-shape, allowing for a full ensuite along the parallel wall.

Both bunks are 65cm wide, but passengers can choose between the two bunk lengths with one set 1.65m long and the other 1.85m – perfect for families with kids of varying ages and heights. Each bunk can enjoy its own window and magazine pouch. Storage wise, there are four drawers at the base of the bunks, while external storage on either side of the van maximises the rest of the available space.

Buyers can opt for triple bunks (bringing the total capacity to eight). “You lose the under-bunk storage and a minimal amount of height.  However, what you gain is the ability to pack in two more troopers for the adventure or use the space as open access storage. Versatility is fabulous with the six-bunk option.” 


The kitchen and living are designed with large parties in mind. A 188L Thetford 3-Way Automatic fridge will keep buyers well provisioned and is located within handy distance of the entry door – perfect for outdoor entertaining or kids running in for a snack. Meals will be easy as ever with a four-burner oven (three gas, one electric), mini grill and 240V microwave. And with plenty of storage, owners will almost forget they’re not in their home kitchen.

A spacious L-shape lounge and telescopic drop-down table provides prime entertaining space. And with telescopic lights, all with USB ports, there won’t be any issues charging all the devices that accompany a big group.

The full ensuite with separate shower and toilet will be a blessing to any large family. The generously sized shower sports an adjustable height shower head, perfect for the smallest and tallest members of the crew. The separate vanity and Thetford toilet are accompanied by a surplus of storage, as well as the option of installing a Mini wall-mounted washing machine. Both rooms are well ventilated.   

And with an additional outdoor hot/cold shower, owners need not worry about the kids tracking mud or sand through the van.  

Kokoda offers an abundance of optional features that can be fitted to the van, including but not limited to “slide-out kitchens, sail tracks, upgraded battery capability, bike racks and barbecues […] Contact any of our adventurous staff to find out how you can option up the Squadron specifically for your family’s needs.”


At only 22ft 7in, the Squadron’s innovative design packs a punch. It’s four-to-six bunk layout makes this van stand out on the market as an ideal option for any large families – or those wanting to make sure they’ve got some extra space for tag-alongs. 

And with storage to spare, and it’s offroad/off-grid capabilities, the Squadron is ready for adventure. 


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